The 2015 ECREA Political Communication will be held at the Centre for Journalism, University of Southern Denmark located in Odense, Denmark (Google Maps). How to get to Odense:


By train to Odense central station

  • Please visit the page of the Danish railways for travels in Denmark, southern Sweden and northern German,
  • For other travels, please visit the website of the German railways,


By plane to Copenhagen airport

  • The most convenient way is travelling to Copenhagen Airport Kastrup.
  • There are regular direct trains from the airport to Odense central station, travel time is about 1 hour 40 minutes. For details, please visit
  • There are ticket machines available in the luggage claim area of the airport, as well as just outside of the security area once you leave the luggage claim area. Simply go straight ahead, ticket machines, sales assistance and tracks are directly in front of you.


Local transport in Odense

  • If you are staying in the city centre, you can take a bus from the central train station going directly to the university (bus numbers 41, 42 or 44, labelled “Universitet”). The ride takes about 20 minutes. The bus calls twice at the university, the best option is to exit at the first stop in front of the main entrance (which technically is called “Ved Svømmehallen”, but you will see that you are at the university). But no worries if you miss that one, the next stop is the final one and all you have to do is to walk back a few hundred meters.
  • Alternatively, you can take a taxi from the back-side of the train station. Ask the driver to drop you off at the main entrance. If you want to go to the Centre for Journalism directly, ask the driver to drop you off at “entrance S”. One trip is approx. 15-20 €.
  • Finally, you have the option to rent a bike. The trip from the central station to the university is about 5 km. There are bike lanes nearly all the way to the university. More information on bike rental you find here.


For your convenience, note that domestic long-distance train tickets bought in Denmark, e.g. a train ticket from Copenhagen airport to Odense central station, will provide you with free access to local public transportation in Odense the entire day of arrival.